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1. Requesting a Quote

Browse our website and see all the products that interest you. You can either add these items to your quote enquiry, send us an email requesting the goods you would like to know about. You may also give us a call. A Fancy Inc Sales Executive will check stock availability on your fantastic choice of items and either call you back, or email you a Pro-forma Invoice for your requested items.
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2. About the Money

As soon as you have looked at our quote, and agreed that WE are your best choice, we will send you a invoice, with our banking details. For all branded goods we require a 100% prepayment. You may choose to pay via EFT, Cash Deposit or Cheque, and once the monies reflect on our bank account we will proceed with your order.

3. Artwork and branding

The most important aspect of your order is your artwork, we would advise that you have this finalized even before we place your order. Sometime you choose to change a small detail in your artwork and it can delay production with several days. Artwork must be in Coral Draw format, make sure to give us details like your pantone colours, how many positions, and sizes. We charge R300.00 per hour to redraw your logo. For Enquiries about redrawing of logos please contact designs@fancyinc.co.za

4. Production

Once artwork is finalised and full payment received your job goes into production. Please note if any artwork is changed you will have to go back into the queue for these changes to be made in our graphic department, and charge for any set up already in place.Production time varies from order to order as we have various queues regarding items being branded in different ways.

5. Delivery to your Doorstep

As we have a country wide service and we even courier to Middle Africa, each client will get a personalized delivery schedule with costings.

6. After Sale Service

We will follow up on your order before you know it. We look forward to the many positive comments we have received from our clients. We will also make sure you are up to speed with all our latest specials and promotions via our mailing system. If you wish to be added to this Golden Mailing List, where only a selected view get to view our new promotional prices, please send us a email.