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This is in 8 easy steps!

• Search and select the products you would like to order
• Submit a quote, and you can do this by calling 0861Ifancyinc or send us a mail to info@fancyinc.co.za or use our easy to navigate form available on the website
• Our dedicated sales team will make contact with you regarding your purchase and make sure we have the details we need to complete your quote request and order
• We would require a 50% deposit on placement of your order
• Artwork layout and approval. We will send yo usome layouts you can look at and sign off if you are happy, alternatively we will fiddle around with layouts untill you are 100% happy.
• All you need to now to is sign your artwork and your order will be ready in 10 working days!
• We would require the balance of the payment before we deliver your goods
• Delivery to your doorstep. We will deliver your goods to your doorstep, and of course check in to make sure you are 100% happy with your products

All payments are done with EFT payments, we do however accept company purchase orders by prior arrangement. Only once payment has cleared our bank account, can we process your order.

This depends if your order has already been branded, in which case this will not be possible.


We have over 9000 products in our library, upon your request our dedicated procurement team will check stock, make sure we offer you the best product at the best price and then we will send you a quote. Should you not find what you are looking for, or want us to assist you quickly, send a mail to info@fancyinc.co.za and we will handle your query.

  • Your full company details including all contact telephone numbers.
  • Which product are you interested in?
  • How many units would you like?
  • Do you require branding on the items? Please attach the logo or design if so.
  • If you can’t attach the file, please tell us how many colours are in the logo or design.
  • Do you have suitable artwork for branding?
  • What’s your deadline and where would you like to take delivery? This information is very important if you have a specific date that the event is on.
  • Please note that we will not start branding without a 60% deposit and we will only release your order upon full payment of the order.

We operate nationwide, as well as into Africa. We have warehouses in all the big city centres.

We never miss any deadline dates, it is importat that we know when your event is to make sure that you get your goodies on time. We have special nightshifts that can handle last minute orders for you.


All you do is mail us at info@fancyinc.co.za and we will get back to you. You may also chat to our online sales assistant

You may view our items online, or you can choose to have a sample delivered to your doorstep. There is a sample and delivery cost involved.


This is a cost involved in creating the templates of the branding, the setting up of the machines and required materials used to brand your items and the manual labour of branding your products. This is a set fee that will be charged every time you place a order.

Yes, we have a wide range of branding possibilities. Our highly qualified team of experts could give you excellent advice on how to give your brand legs.

A Vector Image is made up of smooth lines that seperates different paths and colours of your artwork, giving a perfect finished product. This will ensure that your printing quality is world class. Should you not have the correct format, our in-house designers can assist by redrawing your logo at a fee.


If you don’t have artwork, it is no problem- we will make a plan. We have a special Design Team that will cater for all your needs.  We have a in-house design team that understands branding, and will help you in a flash to get your logo re-drawn.

Our preferred artwork format is Coral Draw or Vector Format. It is advisable that you send us your artwork in a print ready format, as the designers will charge us extra should they have to change any designs.

The most accurate way of matching colours is with Pantone reference, these are special colour codes allocated to your logo, that will ensure that it always looks the same, if you do not have these, we will help you create this reference, as it is a super way of ensuring your brand looks the same all the time. Should you not have Pantone references for your brand, we would highly recommend that you get this done.

We prefer all your artwork in Vector or Coral Draw. The initial set up of your artwork might be a bit of a hassle, but once we have this done, it is plain sailing!

Please send your artwork directly to your sales Executive. If you do not have a sales executive, please call 044 620 3694.

CALL US 0861 43 26 29 (0861IFANCY)


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