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At FancyInc, we offer a variety of medical protective gear to wear. Hospitals and medical staff are especially in need of them now, during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our medical overalls are comfortable and offer a barrier between the virus droplets and medical professionals wearing it. Hospitals can brand their medical gowns and surgical gowns to make it more uniform.

If corporate companies want to support the medical industry during the coronavirus time, sponsoring medical gowns, wrap gowns and disposable medical gowns can help to save lives.

Our medical gowns and overalls can help to slow down the spread of bacteria and viruses and provide ultimate infection control. It protects both patients and medical professionals from cross-contamination while being comfortable to wear. The disposable gowns can be worn over medical scrubs during surgical procedures and in operating rooms or emergency rooms. We also offer surgical gowns that protect the patient and operating staff from any transfer of body fluids, blood, bacteria, or viruses.  

Medical wraps are cost effective and ours have a great durability, which means it can be cleaned over and over again but still remain high quality. It is also multi-functional and can be worn by different people, if it’s washed and cleaned properly after each use.

If you’re looking for high quality and affordable medical overalls or medical gowns, we can assist with all your needs. Add an extra touch of personalisation by getting your medical gowns branded with either the hospital’s name or the doctor’s initials. Our disposable medical gowns are high quality and meet the necessary regulations to protect medical professionals and patients.

Branded medical gowns and overalls can serve as a uniform for medical staff. Get in touch with us at FancyInc for all your medical protective gear needs.