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Thermometers 1

A thermometer is an essential to have in every home’s first aid kit. That means that a branded thermometer can be a great opportunity to get your brand’s name out there in every home. One of the first signs of COVID-19 is a high fever, so having a thermometer at home is a great way to monitor your family’s health and body temperature.

At FancyInc, we offer a wide variety of thermometers for you to choose from.

Digital thermometers are very accurate and offer a quick way to take someone’s body temperature. Using a digital thermometer is an easy way to determine if someone has a fever. They can be used in different ways, based on a person’s age. Testing if someone in your family has a fever is a good indication to see if their body is fighting off an infection and if they should visit the doctor.
Our electronic thermometers are easy to use and accurate. Simply place the thermometer probe to the area where you want to measure temperature and the digital display will give you the temperature reading.
We also offer the option of infrared thermometers, which are very handy to have around the house. They can be used for more than just reading body temperature. Because they function on infrared technology, you don’t have to touch a surface to measure its temperature. This also makes Infrared thermometers a great way to accurately screen for COVID-19 without contact.
Infrared thermometers are ideal for the workplace where it’s currently important to keep screening for fever, since it’s one of the symptoms for the coronavirus. Get your company’s thermometers branded to keep tabs on them and make sure everyone knows where they’re from.

Our digital thermometers are very effective and only need a limited time to give you an accurate temperature reading on the LCD screen.