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Branded Hand Sanitisers

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Branded Hand Sanitisers

If there is one thing that is always in high demand, it is branded hand sanitiser! Whether you want to make sure your hands are clean to avoid getting sick or spreading germs, have limited access to water or just want to ensure that you keeps yourself and your kids’ hygiene in tip top shape, high percentage alcohol hand sanitiser is an absolute must have.

At Fancy Inc, we have different options of branded hand sanitisers for you to choose from. If you want to make sure that your brand’s name is always in the spotlight, why not give away some of our 100ml sanitiser bottles, branded with your company’s name or logo on. People are sure to carry it with them wherever they go, which gives your brand incredible exposure and advertising whenever they use it or offer it to someone else.

When ordering from us, you can choose to brand any of the variety of branded hand sanitisers we offer. Our 100ml bottles contain hand sanitiser that is high in alcohol and comprise of 85% Isopropyl Alcohol , pure Aloe Vera gel as well as essential oils. This is a very popular option because of its practical size which makes it easy for customers to carry it in handbags, backpacks, or gym bags. If you’re looking for a bulk option, we also have a 5L container of the same branded hand sanitiser that you can use in the office, at home or dispense into smaller containers for more convenience.

If you like your branded hand sanitiser in a spray form, our Go -Bac hand spray sanitiser ensures that your hands are always clean and free from germs with the added benefit of being a convenient and compact 30ml size that can also be branded with your logo.

Go on, contact us today to get your quote for your company’s branded hand sanitisers!