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Branded Caps

Who doesn’t have a cap somewhere in their cupboard? Whether you wear it to protect your face from the sun, to add some extra swag to your outfit or just to show that you represent or support a specific team, caps are one of our staple headgear in South Africa! Most of the caps people own are branded, so why not get your business’ name out there by gifting your clients branded caps as a corporate gift! This way, you know that whenever they step out the door with their branded hat, they are also advertising your company to the world!

If you’re looking for one of the best branded hat suppliers, our extensive range of available branded caps online will suit all types of occasions. Whether you incorporate branded caps into a school uniform, encourage them to be worn for various sporting activities, or supply them for a sponsored fun run to raise awareness for a special cause, we have branded hats online for every occasion.

With our warm South African climate, it’s common for branded caps to be worn from a really young age, right up to grandmothers and grandfathers in their nineties! Let’s face it, caps have become pretty much the accepted headgear to protect us from the harsh rays of the sun. Why not embrace this idea when you attend expos and trade shows to help you build your business, make connections, and build your network? Most people love to receive a promotional gift like a branded cap in a goodie bag! Branded caps can be a great way to make sure your company is remembered even long after an event or expo.

At Fancy Inc we have the perfect branded caps for every occasion, club, school uniform, corporate event, or even party!