Why Should You Look at Year-end Gifting

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Where is the year going? As we pass the mid-line of 2019- never was there a better time to talk about the value of year end gifts. We will be looking at why you would want to give your clients gifts, how to decide who to gift and amazing ideas on what to gift. Most importantly what happens when you send your client a gift. And then the burning question: where should I start looking?


What Happens When you Send a Gift:

If you are in the service industry, staying on the top of your client’s mind- is a very important aspect of your business. Show your client that you appreciate their business in a thoughtful way. A gift can make your client feel unique and important. Branded gifting could give you a chance to showcase new products or brand display. Staying on your client’s mind, in this day and age, is a smart tool to use. There will be little wonder where the next order may come from. Instant gratification certainly comes to mind.


Why would you want to Gift your Client:

Nothing says “Thank You” quite as beautifully as a gift. Make careful notes during the year, to try and establish what your client likes, their interests and hobbies. Gifting is a powerful tool to use as a reminder of your great working relationship. It draws attention to your attention to detail, noticing your client, and the role they played in the success of your business this year.


How to Decide Who to Gift:

A logical step is to sift your clients into the yearly spend. Or importance to your company. Draw up a list on your top clients and then perhaps the next tier. Always a good idea to splurge when thinking about your top clients. Your list could also include clients that needs reminding of your company’s services.  You can then narrow it down to a medium list, where your spend could be medium, but still giving you a excuse to make contact and appreciate their support.


What to gift and where to Start Looking?

You are on the right website, with over 9 years of experience in gifting, our skilled consultants can think up all the ideas for you. The top trends for this year: technology gifting-, homeware products, travel and the return of the much trusted pen sets. Your gifting can tell a story, or replicate your company values. Sometime a gift could be a simple spoil that says nothing else than THANK YOU- and have a wonderful holiday. Why are you waiting-? Get in touch with our team, and let us help you gift your client this season!