A Guide to Gifting For Businesses

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Can you believe it’s slowly edging towards that time of the year again? Yep – that time when business stands still and the company is a deserted, empty shell as everyone enjoys their much deserved end-of-year leave.

With that reality, HR departments and managers across the country are starting to pick their brain’s on the ideal corporate gifts, to shower on their employees.

Now, before we blow your socks off, on the perfect ways for your company to benefit from this special gesture (because surprisingly, you can), let’s talk about why companies should give a gift in the first place? After all, they could make it the exercise of the employees, to buy gifts for each other.

No company is obligated to adorn their employees with a thank-you token. However, studies show that receiving corporate gifts, make employees happier and more satisfied with their jobs. So, it may, in fact, play in a company’s favour, to jump on the generous train.

And let’s face it, a gift makes for a great send off at the end of the year, as well as a perfect way to celebrate company milestones. If you think of company birthdays, for example, they’re celebrating the number of years of service, and ultimately growth. What a company has to realise, is that without its people, the company would never have gotten to that point. Acknowledging the team as a whole, by giving a corporate gift, is a special way of reinforcing the team-effort culture and hard work.

Other fantastic reasons to give corporate gifts include; showing your appreciation for your employees and their job well done throughout the year, making them feel valued, building closer relationships with the staff-which serve as a way of enforcing trust and loyalty and perhaps even motivating them further.

But, corporate gifting goes a lot deeper than coming up with good reasons for the deed or seeing a smile on your employee’s faces. At the end of the day, it still means tapping into the company budget, and with this comes the need to have the gift serve two purposes. What’s better than a win-win? Honestly, there should always be a genius strategy behind your efforts, because this is business and we must never forget to be strategic-ever!

As a company, you want to get something out of the gift, too. You want the brand to benefit. So, how does this work? Well, you want to reach out to the public, through the corporate gift. This means choosing something that can be used day-to-day, outside of the company and is branded with your company name or logo, or both. This way, outsiders are getting a glimpse of your brand, and psychology says, brands and logos have a habit of sitting in our memory bank or subconscious until we need them. Genius advertising opportunity, right? You bet!

It may be worth noting that this sort of exercise calls for steady planning, especially if it’s a large business, with hundreds of employees. Nothing should ever look ‘last minute’, and you want the gift to look well thought through. Choose a gifting company that can supply large volumes of quality, corporate gifts and offers a personalised branding service, too.This will make the task, that much easier.

Now, while you thought there couldn’t be any more things to consider, when it comes to corporate gifting, we have a few other useful reminders. Have you thought of the right timing, and whether or not the gift is a good fit?  When giving a year end gift, it can easily be confused with a Christmas present, and you may need to stipulate that it’s not, to ensure you don’t step on people’s toes. As we know, companies are made up of different people, with different beliefs. And, if you’re not going the year-end-gift, route, then you need to think of how the item ties into the celebration or event.

It’s all good and well being generous, but you ultimately want your gift to serve a good purpose, so that people will actually use it. For example, if your company is attending a trade show, and you want to give your employees a special something to get them motivated and excited; try going for something they can use at the event- like pens, or a document bag.

It’s always a good idea to make sure the gift is standard among religious beliefs and even genders. So, what are the gifting options, for all the different occasions and people, you ask? Well, we have all the info on the trending gifts to give, at the end of 2017, as well as gifts that tie in perfectly with the most obvious company celebrations and events. We also made sure these gifts are practical, affordable and will be ideal for personalised branding.

End of Year Gift Options

3-in-1 Techbuddy

This incredibly innovative gift has multiple uses, making it super useful. A stylus, screen cleaner and a micro USB transfer cable, all in one! How could you go wrong?!

Ceramic Poykie Pot

This is no normal poykie pot-it puts all the others to shame! Sporting a silicon cover and coming in refreshing, trendy colours, this gift is bound to be a hit! It even comes in a beautiful gift box, just to add the cherry on top.

A Beach Bag

Who doesn’t need a beach bag? Other than using it to the beach, this multi-purpose item can be taken along with you wherever you go. And, trust me, you’ll want to take this stunning, versatile bag, everywhere!

A Wine Cooler

Now this is a cool gift-no pun intended! The practicality of a wine cooler makes this the type of gift that will be used regularly-when is there not a good time to keep things cool?

Cafe Noir Coffee Set

A glass cafetiere will be a hit with the coffee lovers, as this well-sized gem has all the bells and whistles; heat resistant handles and bands, and even comes with a ceramic mug.

Company Birthday Corporate Gifts

Corporate Birthday Gifts

Key Rings

With a key ring, one could stipulate the number of years the company is celebrating their services, under the name and logo, serving as a great way to remind the employee of the hard work they contributed to helping the company grow. Key rings are also a good idea because it’s something that will be dragged along, everywhere!

Draw-string bags

These little gems come in very handy, as they’re just the right size and can easily be slung over your back- making them easy and hassle free. Again this is a great item for branding, as it’s a good size and will more than likely be in everyone’s eye-view.

Branded Glassware

A glass always reminds one of a celebration, I’m not sure if the word ‘cheers’ have something to do with it, but it seems uber appropriate. Glass is also affordable and really easy to brand!

Now, with all those strategic tips, extraordinary advice and plenty of trendy options to choose from, I’m sure you’ll be a hit with your staff! Let’s not forget, after taking advantage of the advertising opportunities, surrounding corporate gifting, your marketing department will be smashing those targets! It’s a win for everyone, cheers to that!