Corporate Gifts

Branded corporate gifts are a brilliant way to bring brand awareness to any product.

It is usually the attention to the little things and detail in life that makes the greatest impact and leaves that lasting impression.

Golf days are made more memorable when sporting your corporate company logo on a well-made cotton golf shirt. Why not make a statement and bring breast cancer or save the rhino awareness by branding products and T-shirts – supporting a worthy cause always leaves an indelible impression, and makes for a memorable conference or team-building exercise.

Don’t limit yourself to to the traditional golf shirts and mugs as gift ideas. Here are FancyInc we have a vast range of product which you can turn into branded corporate gifts. Have you ever thought about a water bottle or diary and calendar. The choices are endless and what ever you decide we can brand for you to make sure your company gets the exposure it deserves.

There are many ways and means – both small and big – to impress your clients and customers. Corporate gifts don’t always need branding to be loud and bold – sometimes it is the subtle ones that make the most lasting impressions – the Nike tick is a brilliant and memorable example that everyone has got to know over the past couple of decades.

Nice thing about corporate gifts is that every time a pen is used or a magnet read, the user will be reminded of the brand. Our corporate gifts is available nationwide and can be shipped to places like Plettenberg Bay or Knysna in the Garden Route; Cape Town and surrounds, Johannesburg and more.

If it is branding you seek or corporate gifts you need, no matter which ones you decide to choose, corporate gifts in the form of a wide variety of objects will indeed create a lasting impression.


Why choose Branded Corporate Gifts and Branded Clothing to increase brand awareness?

Branded corporate clothing and branded corporate gifts may well be one of the oldest forms of advertising available, but they’re still the most affordable, effective form of marketing used in business today.

Despite the tremendous growth in online marketing strategies and other advertising methods, nothing can beat the long term effects of branded corporate clothing and gifts.

Most small to medium businesses don’t have the budget to indulge in expensive online marketing and print campaigns, making promotional clothing or gifts the most powerful tool available to them build lasting brand awareness.

Branded corporate clothing and gifts engage customers on a very personal level, making them feel appreciated, which also ensures that the next time they need your company’s services, you’ll be their first call.

It’s not only your customers who get to enjoy the positive impression these gifts make, others are exposed to your brand as your own customer goes about their daily business.

This opens the door to new relationships with brand new customers, which is what any business is aiming for in our highly competitive business markets.

Major brands also make sure to use branded corporate gifts and branded clothing to support other forms of advertising they engage in, which says a lot for the power of this form of advertising.

What makes branded corporate clothing and branded gifts affordable for all?

If you’ve never ventured into the world of branded clothing and gifts, here are a few important points to consider:

  • Fancy Inc bulk buying power from suppliers means lower prices for you.
  • Your investment has the potential to keep generating great returns for many years.
  • Everyone loves receiving gifts. If they’re thoughtfully chosen, they rarely end up in the bin.
  • Your gift-giving creates a positive feeling towards your company.
  • The Fancy Inc team have the experience to help you find the best gifts and clothing in a way that’ll keep you well within your budget!

The returns branded corporate clothing can bring:

Think of branded corporate clothing as a walking billboard for your brand. Every time your customer wears the item you’ve given them, your brand is exposed to more potential customers than you’d imagine!

Branding should be tasteful, whether on a cap, T-shirt, jacket or any of the clothing we have on offer in our huge range.

Everyone loves receiving a gift of clothing, and if what you’ve chosen is just right for your target market, let your brand be visible but not overdone.

Tasteful branding is essential to making sure that people will love wearing your branded clothing.

There’re different levels of branded corporate clothing to be considered.

T-shirts and caps are always winners as giveaways at sporting events, concerts or other major events. They are also great for the budget as prices are driven down when purchased on a bulk scale.

Branded corporate clothing for directors of companies or executives need to be carefully chosen, keeping in mind the lifestyle of the customer.

Research has shown that up to 90% of customers who’ve received a branded corporate jacket, for instance, will never forget the company that presented them with the item of clothing.

The returns branded corporate gifts can bring:

No matter how small the gift, customers will remember the gesture long after they’ve received it.  

The ultimate goal in choosing branded corporate gifts is to make sure that they’re items that’ll be used often by your customer.

Don’t underrate the awesome power of branded corporate gifts for the office!

A really useful gift that is used daily and on display in the office gives you an eight-hour a day, 5 day a week billboard for the promotion of your brand.

Here are a few great ideas to look at when selecting truly effective branded corporate gifts:

For the office:

Who turns down a few more sticky pads, another notebook, a stunning conference set or executive folder?  We never have enough of these on our desks, and you can’t go wrong with giving your customer a beautifully crafted award either.

Corporate gift hampers and branded drinkware to keep your customer warm in winter or cool in summer, all rank high on the list of favourites for branded office gifts.

There’s so much more available from Fancy Inc than listed here, which might make it a bit of a challenge to choose the perfect branded corporate gift for the office, but our team is always available to offer support.

At home:

Many of us forget that giving customers a gift that can be taken home can be as effective as any other branded corporate gift.

Useful gifts for the home are highly valued by customers.  They show that you view them as more than their job title and value them as such.

Beautiful, handy kitchen essentials are always appreciated, especially if they make life easier for your customer.  

Wine connoisseurs will no doubt appreciate a thoughtful wine set or classy corkscrew.  We have a fabulous range of branded corporate bar accessories at Fancy Inc that’ll really impress customers, especially when it’s time to chill at the end of a busy day.

Outdoors and on the road:

This is another category of gifts that‘s often neglected! Any branded corporate gift you give a customer that’ll make their downtime more comfortable, or life on the road easier, will be a bonus in creating lasting business relationships.

The options for branded corporate gifts for the outdoors and for customers spending a lot of time on the road are virtually limitless at Fancy Inc!

The last word:

If you think branded corporate clothing and branded corporate gifts are something you really need to look into as the most powerful tool for creating brand awareness, this is one of the most important points to keep in mind:

Know your target market!

When you do research into what your customer likes, even if it means a little sweetening up of receptionists or secretaries to get the inside track on your customer, make sure you know your target market well.

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