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Since COVID-19 hit our shores, there has been a big increase in people wearing latex gloves with the intent to protect them from getting the virus when touching different surfaces. We now offer high-quality latex gloves to our customers. It is important for everyone to be aware that even when you wear latex gloves, you shouldn’t touch your face and that they should be disposed of, after wearing it once.

We have a wide variety of latex gloves and our black latex gloves are particularly popular. If you want to get your hospital or clinic’s medical gloves branded, we can assist. We can also do the same for exam latex gloves that most doctors use when examining any patient.

Latex gloves also serve a bigger purpose than just protecting you from picking up germs and viruses. Many other professions that work with their hands, also make use of disposable latex gloves. There has been a shortage of latex gloves at a certain time, so why not stock up for your essential business with branded black gloves to stand out from the rest.

Anyone can sponsor branded medical gloves to assist medical workers and if you brand your sponsored disposable gloves, anyone who wears them will know who it’s from and who is showing their support. During this time of COVID-19, it’s especially important for businesses to show that they want to help and support their communities wherever they can, and branded latex gloves is a big necessity in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies everywhere.

Why not show your support for your local doctor or essential business by gifting them branded gloves to wear while they’re working hard for all of us. Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas for gifting latex gloves or if you need them for your own business. We are ready to assist and ship them to you as part of essentials during lockdown.