Brand Activation & Loyalty

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In order for your clients to align themselves with your brand, they will have high expectations and need to be delighted.
Did you know it costs a business 5-25 more to acquire a new clients than what it does to sell to an existing one? Your existing customers will spend 70% more than new clients will. A business needs to think about what they will do to drive the clients back to their brand and their business.
Loyal clients engage and spend with brands they like more often. They will also spend more than new clients. Loyal clients will be your most valuable word of mouth referrals. 
In today’s online world, where there are thousands of companies and virtual products a client may choose or have access to- your ability to drive your client back to your business will become your biggest asset. They have to trust and love your brand. This indicates that the value they get from working with your company will outweigh the potential benefit of lower prices of different products from other brands.
Maintaining loyal clients has huge effects on your bottom line, your brand reputation and increase client satisfaction.
The significance of focussing keeping happy clients that are loyal to your brand over the long term is often misunderstood. 83% of clients will trust your brand more if the product recommendation comes from families, friends and business associates.
Repeat clients may be the backbone of your business- but it takes time to grow this market.
Promotional Products can be very effective to help you form these close bonds with your relationships. 
So how does the promotional product work with your clients?
Promotional products create a great first impression- The simple effect of a good quality branded pen with smooth easy writing abilities will soon become a favorite of your client. You can also use a promotional product as a bonus for repeat clients, which shows your appreciation. 
Branded products do not only give your brand legs to walk on- but also allows the client to resonate with your brand and make them more likely to return to your brand and products.
The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your companies future revenue will come from 20% of your existing client base- which makes it more important to focus on creating loyal repeat clients.
56% of clients use their promotional products on a daily basis, making them your biggest loudspeaker for your brand. A promotional product has staying power, if you think about a client looking at a pop-up ad, compared to using your promotional product! Constant reminders create brand loyalty. Clients often feel they need to reciprocate once a branded gift has been received.
Make sure you choose a promotional product that is useful and grabs attention. 
Promotional products are brilliant marketing tools that create a long-lasting impression in your customers minds, giving you maximum exposure.
By Maranda van Dam