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Buy branded caps online, for every day of the year!

South Africans really make a meal out of having a cap for every occasion, whether the cap is being worn as a fashion statement or as protection against the particularly sunny climate we are so privileged to live in.

You may think a cap is a cap, but, there’s a whole lot more to caps than you might imagine, especially when you add your brand to it and send it out into the world…in well-planned quantities.

There’s a cap for everyone here at Fancy Inc and one for every occasion and purpose.
Branded caps play an essential role in keeping our youngsters shielded from the sun out on the sports field and as part of their uniform, which is just as well, since the intensity of UV rays today are vastly more powerful than ever before.

Caps for school kids have to be branded so well that they can withstand the busyness of kids on and off the field, and this makes choosing quality, in the cap and in the branding, which will make it more cost effective in the long run for parents.

As dyed in the wool South Africans we love the outdoors, and if you really want to impress a client with a promotional token of appreciation, there’s no doubt that the cap bearing your brand will add to the level of brand exposure you’re looking for. No one throws a cap away!

Using branded caps as sponsorship for worthy causes

If you sponsor anything from fun races to raising awareness of breast cancer, leukaemia, AIDs or any other issue that touches your heart, add your support boldly by sponsoring caps for any of these causes.

We all know the devastation that careless hunting has wreaked on our rhinos, and if that’s something you really want to get behind, then branding caps with an image of the rhino, along with your own logo, will contribute to the cause, as well as elevating the profile of your business as the supporter of a truly worthy cause.

Branded caps come into their own during peak summer periods

If you’ve got a product or service related to fun in the sun, whether on packed beaches in summer or around cricket and rugby fields, you’ll definitely be in pole position for a winning streak in terms of brand recognition.

Imagine what a couple of hundred branded caps can do on crowded beaches and just how much mileage you can get out of your initial investment. This is always a great investment in your brand, any which way you look at it.

Branded caps at Expos and Trade shows

If your company is featuring products or services at an expo or trade show, you can’t go wrong by using branded caps to make new contacts and to build your business network, based on a giveaway as simple as a beautifully branded cap.

People rarely forget receiving something for nothing, which is why promotional gifts, clothing and headgear will never go out of fashion, provided of course that you’re up to date with the latest in developments on the promotional or corporate gifts front.

People always have and always will remember a gift given freely, which builds up priceless goodwill as you build and maintain your brand in the marketplace.

Hard working branded headgear

There are millions of people who work outdoors most of the year and virtually every one of them has more than just a few caps in their stash.

Everyone from the courier delivering your parcels to the guys out on the road going from one construction site to another, is an example of the distance that branded headgear can go in spreading your name and message.

If you’re targeting the health and fitness sphere, you’ll get exceptional mileage out of branded headgear, which will be worn at work and in leisure hours.

Caps are a must to fend off age spots and wrinkles caused by too much exposure to UV rays…and they’re great on bad hair days for men and for women in equal measure!

It’s a fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the real damage the sun can to our skin, which makes branded caps a failsafe way of getting exceptional brand exposure, without spending a fortune!

In the final analysis it’s quantity versus cost, and here’s why:

Whether you’re investing in branded caps or in any other form of corporate or promotional gifting, the more you buy, the lower your cost, which applies to your choice of branding as well.

Our team at Fancy Inc are more than willing to share all the inside info about how you can turn using branded caps into an excellent return on investment.
From one head to another, the brand exposure gained by investing in branded headgear is an awesome recipe for making loyal customers happy, and gaining new ones in the process!

Contact our team to find out more about the huge range of caps we stock for every age, cause or occasion.

We’ll help you to choose the best quality and the right type of branding to make your investment last. Besides which, we love what we do, which should make your foray into branded headgear an enjoyable, successful experience!

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