Ways to Drive your Consumers by Using Promotional Products

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The days of conventional marketing has long since been over. Sharing a very competitive marketplace means you have to stay on top of your game. The beat of the business lies in its clients. You want your clients to be loyal to you and therefore your customer equity will also grow. How do you grow long lasting relationships with your clients?

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 79% of clients receiving promotional items, will think about doing business with your company. More than 66% of these clients would be able to recall the name of your brand.

As they say, it is not about the bike, it really is not about the promotional product as much as it is how to use them effectively. Do you want to drive customers? Then you need to know how to use your promotional products.


The following are easy strategies:


It is very important to decide who your target audience is, it is no use handing out a promotional product that will be lost on the end user. Just picture a Hospital giving away memory sticks. That would not fit.


Timing is everything. You have to make sure your campaign is relevant to the moment. Can you imagine giving out branded beanies in the middle of summer? Keep an eye on your market, when are they most likely to appreciate a promotional gift? The answer to this is almost ALWAYS.


The message you want to convey and the product you choose is an important aspect of the strategy you will follow. Taking into consideration that you will give your brand legs to walk on, a lot of thought should go into this. Your message should be simple and relatable. Your product should also be useful and not end up in a bin. Giving away cheap and nasty promotional items is simply not worth your reputation or money, unless you want to add to the recycling pile.


Make sure your artwork and design fits into the strategy you are using with your promotion. Your designs should be eye catching and relate directly to your business and products or service. Copywriting your campaign will add value to your approach.


Giving your brand legs is the most important aspect of the promotional item. It sends a message that you care, what you support and of course the feeling of giving.

Can you imagine a student, after spending loads of money to get into college receive a promotional gift like stationary or notepads?  This will certainly add value to the student and lessen the financial burden of additional expenses on stationary. Promotional products make your client feel important and it helps them to connect and identify with your brand.

Customers are known to change their minds about products and brands, and to win them back promotional products is a step in the right direction. – The clients need to distinguish factors that will make them turn away from your opposition and recognize why they would rather stay with your product.

First there needs to be brand acknowledgement that can be trusted – often this will fascinate and grow new clients resulting in increased sales.