Branded Water Bottles, Plastic Bottles and Tumblers

What makes branded sports water bottles in aluminium, glass & plastic a lifetime investment?

When research into the devastating effects of pollution created by plastic first reared its ugly head, bottled water in single-use plastic bottles were embedded in the minds of the environmentally conscious.

Unfortunately, as healthy as the choice of bottled water was, the damage caused to the environment by throw-away water bottles added to plastic pollution.

Finally, reusable water bottles in recycled plastic, aluminium and glass started taking precedence over single-use bottles.

This was great news in a world that was finally waking up to the reality that we’d have to do something to give back to the environment we’d robbed of its natural resources so blindly.

With the declaration of provincial disaster areas in the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape due to severe droughts, a new movement started in terms of how we consume water.

With another El Nino predicted for the spring and summer of 2018, the already severe water restrictions will mean that even more consumers will be queuing up to fill water bottles with spring water.

Besides the effect that drought in South Africa has had on industry and commerce, our personal water usage has been reduced drastically, forcing us to buy drinkable water.

Tap water is iffy to say the least, and in most South African homes today you’ll find a 25lt or 50lt drum of water used for drinking.

Each of the people using large drums need bottles to decant the water into, so why shouldn’t you be the one supplying eco-friendly reusable water bottles?

Reusable water bottles may have started out as a necessary accessory to gym buffs, sportsmen and ladies, however, but the use of reusable water bottles has spread into every area of our daily lives now.

All branded corporate gifts are great investments to make in generating wide-spread brand awareness, but few can be as powerful as branded sports water bottles, or as cost-effective.

If you just look at what pens can do to keep your brand in motion, times that by ten and you’ll understand why branded sports water bottles can do even more for brand exposure.

A pen is always in use, even if it passes from the customer you gave it to someone else, it just keeps moving in circulation long after the gift is given.

We’re not even talking about expensive pens and pen sets, these are just ordinary, inexpensive everyday pens that remain in motion as long as anybody needs a pen.

Even though technology rules our world, pens still play an important role in day to day life.  Who could sign a contract, for instance, without a pen?

Now take the least expensive sports water bottle, add the stamp of your brand to it, and we’re talking about longevity for minimum input.

The branded sports water bottle will be used in every sphere of life, giving your customer a handy corporate gift that can be used in the long term, and in the process gaining recognition from potential new customers.

So, how can branded sports water bottles lift your company profile?

Here are a few salient points to consider if you’re uncertain of the true value of an investment in reusable branded sports water bottles.

3 Reasons to invest in reusable branded water bottles in aluminium, glass and plastic in South Africa:

  • Eco-friendly, lifetime investment:

Nothing says ‘eco-friendly’ like a branded sports water bottle made from recycled plastic, aluminium or glass.

Branded sports water bottles are convenient to use for customers on the receiving end of promotional gifts like these.

They can be washed and refilled regularly over a long period of time, which is a sure-fire way of getting your message and brand out to as many consumers as you can.

While you gain exceptional value for your brand awareness campaigns through the use of reusable water bottles, the other gain is for Mother Nature, forcing single-use water bottles right out of the market.

Consider branded sports water bottles in aluminium, glass and plastic a lifetime branding investment.

They’ll be used over and over again for many years, and if you’ve made sure the branding is top quality, you’ll have one of the most affordable means to gain maximum brand exposure.

  • Major impact, minor cost:

Whether you hand out branded water bottles at major events, seminars or anywhere else, you’ll be handing customer’s durable gifts that’ll keep creating thousands of impressions as your brand graces the bottle of your choice.

The cost per water bottle is negligible when you consider the return that repeated use over many years’ offers.

  • A fountain of freshness for your brand:

Branded sports water bottles in aluminium, plastic and glass in South Africa are a fountain of freshness for your brand.

Every time a water bottle bearing your brand is washed and used, a fresh impression of your message is conveyed to customers.

Express the individuality of your brand:

Ever heard of a foldable water bottle?  What about a collapsible water bottle? No? Then it’s worth scrolling through the unbelievable range of sports water bottles in aluminium, glass and plastic available from Fancy Inc.

Water bottles with a carabiner clip that’ll make the bottle convenient to carry around wherever your customer goes.

Branded aluminium water bottles are ideal gifts for keeping drinks chilled and refreshed on hot summer days.

Of course there’s also a branded stainless steel tumbler range at Fancy Inc that’ll keep liquids hot in winter and cold in summer.

Take your time about finding the right branded sports water bottles to express the individuality of your brand.

Whether you go for the bright and funky or slim and stylish, you’ll find that there’s a water bottle that’ll suit your brand perfectly.

Take the drought in our country seriously. Shove single-use water bottles right out of circulation and give customers’ reusable, durable branded sports water bottles chosen from the wide selection available from Fancy Inc.

You’ll be doing the environment and customers a great service by investing in this type of promotional gift. It’s an investment that’ll keep giving back to you far longer than you could possibly imagine!

On a last note:  don’t confuse cost with value when planning corporate gifts. An inexpensive useful gift will generate a lot more goodwill than an expensive one would if it’s not going to be of any real use to your customers.


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