Umbrellas and Chairs

Umbrellas and Chairs Go Together Perfectly

Buy umbrellas and chairs for corporate giveaways. Our full range of umbrellas is perfect for those rainy days which are so prolific during the summer months in Gauteng and the winter days of the Cape.

South Africans typically are involved in watching sport, whether it is a day out in the hot summer sun to cheer your cricket or soccer team on or simply support your kid’s hockey or netball tournament, nothing is quite as versatile, handy or typically South African as a portable, fold-up chair you can pop into your boot and take along for those long, lazy summer days, and a large umbrella to protect you from the harsh summer sun.

Umbrellas form an essential part of any wardrobe, sporting outfit or day at the beach. Golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, rainy day umbrellas – suffice to say, we have them all and more.

If you are looking for umbrellas for sale, the world’s your oyster with our wonderful selection.


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