Medical Staff Clothing

Medical Staff Clothing Need Not Mean Men In White Coats

When medical staff clothing is mentioned, men in white jackets (frightening stuff in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest), or those strange hats that Florence Nightingale wore, immediately spring to mind.

Clothing is a visual language and the sum of who the medical person is plus what the facility is about and also how you are perceived by those visiting your medical facilities or doctor’s office.

Thankfully medical staff clothing has come full circle and medical personnel no longer need to adorn their bodies with drab, ill-fitting or unattractive garb; smart pants and well-designed jackets and tops can be taken up a notch or two and with the right accessories (Louis Vuitton anyone?) medical clothing can become quite the fashion item or statement.

Medical clothing has to be practical, exude an aura of professionalism and above all else needs to be really comfortable  – take note that doctors and nurses often have long stints on duty and need to spend hours on their feet or in the same clothing.

Medical clothing has to be cool enough in summer, yet warm in winter – ensure your staff are kitted out with professional, smart clothing.

But there is a little more to medical clothing than dressing doctors and nurses – medical staff encompass the wide circle of paramedics, nurses both male and female, dental nurses, front desk personnel and the plethora of staff needed to run any medical facility or organization whether large or small.


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