How to Choose Corporate Clothing that Really Works for Your Business

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If you want to achieve success, you have to dress for it! Corporate attire can make all the difference when it comes to your company’s corporate image. You have probably heard time and again about the importance of using branded corporate clothing for your business.

How your employees are dressed creates an impression on your clients and customers. It is vitally important that some care and thought is put into the process of choosing corporate clothing for your various business teams. It is always best to take some time to compile various corporate uniform options, before you place any orders. The last thing you want is to order items that aren’t well suited to your environment or the nature of the business that you are running. We have compiled a few tips below that should help you with your corporate attire decision process:

• Look the part – if you want your employees to look professional and powerful, choose items of clothing that say just that. Avoid making your uniform look too relaxed or casual, and choose clothing styles that are considered appropriate for your industry. For instance, shorts and T-shirts are not the ideal corporate attire for a law practice or doctor’s office. How you are dressed will directly influence your customers’ opinions on your business.

• Allow for some freedom of style and expression – how someone dresses is really a creative expression of who they are. Providing a uniform to your staff members is not about stripping them of that expression. It’s more about providing them with options of branded clothing items to choose from. Have a set range of various outfit options and allow staff members to choose items that suit their personal style and complement their body shape / figure.

• Customise and brand effectively – corporate clothing simply must be branded. You want the general public to see your staff members and be able to gather the information about your business that they need. Include your company logo, name and even website address if possible. It is also the best idea to customise the uniform according to your company colour scheme.

• Get your staff members involved and excited – if your staff members feel that wearing the uniform is a punishment, that feeling is going to shine through in everything that they do. Get staff members involved in the uniform selection process. Allow them to make suggestions and actually investigate their opinions. They have to wear the uniforms and the more comfortable they feel and how proud they are to wear your uniform will have a positive effect on the overall appeal and attitude of your teams.

• Comfort is paramount – how the uniform is made and the materials used are vitally important factors. Choose light fabrics for summer months and heavier, warmer fabrics for the winter months. Make sure that the material used is able to breathe and is gentle on the skin. Some cheaper quality uniform items might look great, but if your staff members don’t feel physically comfortable in them, it’s going to show – you don’t want that.

• Choose function appropriate items – your factory or kitchen staff members are not going to wear the same uniforms as your corporate office staff members. This isn’t because of status – this is purely because of the functionality of the clothing. Make sure that you choose clothing items that are comfortable and appropriate for each department’s tasks and responsibilities.

At Fancy Inc, we offer a wide range of corporate clothing options for you to choose from. Our range consists of the likes of T-shirts, golf shirts, knitwear, jerseys, ladies’ pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, men’s trousers, blazers and shorts, lounge shirts, specialised and industrial clothing options, shoes and more. Each of these clothing options can be professionally branded via printing or embroidery methods. Simply provide us with your artwork and we will ensure that it is correctly placed (according to your specifications), and is completed to the highest possible standard / quality.

If you would like to learn more about our corporate clothing options at Fancy Inc, take the time to get in touch with us via email or telephone. We are always available to assist you further with finding just the right corporate attire for you and your business.