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Employees and Corporate Wear:  The Pros and Cons

Business owners and corporate decision makers are often faced with the dilemma of implementing corporate wear or uniforms for their staff members.  This decision is an important one, as it can affect the perception of the business by outsiders, and it can affect productivity, staff morale and the attitude of staff members towards their jobs.  As with everything else, there are pros and cons when it comes to corporate uniforms and branded corporate wear, and there are many things to consider.

Benefits of Corporate Wear

Safety:  Often, clothing is created specifically for safety reasons, and it is imperative that your employees remain safe at all times.  Giving them high-quality, comfortable, branded safety clothing will empower them to perform their jobs in a safe manner and make them feel valued.  While safety clothing is by nature not extremely comfortable, it is crucial that the safety clothing that your staff is required to wear is as comfortable as possible – their jobs will be made easier and safer, and they will be more inclined to wear the safety items when and where required.  A good fit is also important, and quality materials and fabrics help to keep the items in shape and functional for longer.

Cohesion:  Wearing similar clothing has the ability to make people identify with each other better and to heighten the team feeling.  It also brings with it a sense of pride to belong to an exclusive group, allowing staff members to become more “entwined” with other team members and increase loyalty to the group.  This increases staff morale and ultimately affects productivity in a positive way.

Image:  From an external point of view, wearing well-designed, quality corporate wear can create a better image of the business.  Staff members will look more effective and professional to clients and potential customers.  As the clothing is also instantly recognisable, it allows the external party to immediately identify the people working for a specific business or belonging to a particular team, and this can be of great use in places such as retail shop floors, conferences and sports days.  In addition, the business will also get greater brand exposure with all of the people wearing their branded clothing.  Visibility is a key component of all marketing strategy, and wherever staff members are seen in their corporate wear, the footprint of the brand is created and increased, which means that more people are more likely to know about the business and what it does.

Disadvantages of Corporate Wear

Bad Design:  It is indeed possible to find uniforms or corporate wear that are badly designed, garish, too conservative, or just does not reflect the actual identity and image of the business.  This means that the brand is seen in a bad light by clients and potential customers, and despite an increased sense of brand recognition, brand loyalty is less likely.  Nobody wants to wear a uniform that opens them up to criticism or ridicule, and a badly designed uniform that draws unfavourable comments from clients or other members of staff can reduce the self-confidence of employees, and adversely affect performance and productivity.

Bad Quality:  When items are new, they all look good – but how long until they start looking shabby and lose shape?  How long will the branding last?  Keep in mind that if your employees are required to wear corporate wear every day, that these items will be going through a lot of washing, which does not always affect clothing in a good way.  Colours can fade, logos can go missing, and wear and tear on the fabric can do terrible things to clothing.  Repeated ironing also affects the clothing.  While uniforms generally create a better image of a company, staff wearing unattractive and shabby uniforms can only detract from it.  It is for this reason that clothing has to be:

  • Well-designed and suited to the company image
  • Tasteful and attractive
  • Made of extremely high-quality fabrics and materials
  • Highly durable
  • Safe

How Fancy Inc Can Help

If you are thinking about implementing uniforms or other branded corporate wear, contact our expert consultants for information, quotes and to get an idea of the items that we can provide.  We strive to only source the best quality fabrics, put together wonderful designs that will delight and please, and to apply branding that is attractive and durable – all at very cost-effective prices!  Boost your company image and get your corporate wear and other branded items from us today!