Corporate Lounge Shirts

Improve your Business Image with Stylish Corporate Lounge Shirts and Other Branded Items!

If you have a business that needs a little image boost for various reasons, it may be time to consider the introduction of branded corporate clothing.  Your employees will look just great in stylish corporate lounge shirts or branded golf shirts, depending on the image that you want to create.  It is a great way of boosting the morale of staff and to give them a sense of unity and formality, which in turn improves team cohesion and better identification with your business.

6 Reasons to Consider Corporate Clothing

There are many reasons why corporate clothing is becoming so popular.  These include:

  1. Better business image: To the outside world, a team of employees that are stylishly dressed promotes the idea of unity.  If the clothing is suitably upmarket and well-designed with a great looking logo on it, clients see the business in the same light.  Upmarket, stylish clothing creates the impression of a stylish, upmarket, together and organised business with employees who are proud to don the logo of a company that they care about.  Clients are much more likely to deal with business people who are well-dressed and have the appearance of professionalism and high standards about them.
  1. Trust: Studies have shown that people are more likely to trust people in uniform.  This is one of the reasons why police officers, nurses, priests and doctors wear specific uniforms – the uniform immediately tells you something about the person and their allegiances.  Employees wearing branded clothing, such as stylish corporate lounge shirts or golf shirts, are more likely to gain the trust of the client or a potential client in a shorter amount of time, and actually boost the business.
  1. Recognition: Often, it is necessary for customers or clients to know exactly who works for the company, for example on a shop floor or at a conference.  This means that they can instantly identify the people who will be able to help them and as a result, they will gravitate towards the person in the corporate uniform.  This opens up a new direction of marketing – the client approaches the sales person, and this allows the sales person greater freedom in creating and closing sales.  The reverse is also true – if a person in a retail outlet is accosted by a person that wears the uniform of the establishment, they are “in”, they are more likely to trust that person and ask for help with the products that they need.  This also opens a window to close more sales.
  1. Visibility: Corporate clothing brings a range of benefits, but one of the best is still the visibility of your brand that it creates.  The person is, in fact, a walking billboard that advertises your logo or business wherever they go.  Your brand will be noticed by everybody who sees your employee – whether on the bus on the way home, on the train on the way to work, or stopping to get lunch in a restaurant and, of course, at all corporate events that involve members of the public or potential customers.  When people regularly see your logo or brand, it creates a sense of familiarity, especially if they frequently see the person wearing it.  This gives the brand a face and people are generally more likely to choose a product or service with which they are familiar with, over one that they don’t know.
  1. Status: Different branded items can be given to employees to indicate rank or status as well.  For instance, those who have done particularly well could be rewarded with a branded and well-designed corporate lounge shirt that instantly gives recognition to achievement and prestige.  This will improve the self-esteem of the staff member and improve self-confidence at work.  Often, confidence is a great catalyst to better performance and improved relationships within their teams.
  1. Client loyalty: It is not only your employees that can benefit from wearing corporate clothing, but also your clients.  Gifting clients stylishly designed and attractive corporate lounge shirts at a particular event, or branded sports shirts or bags at a sports day will serve as a gesture of goodwill and can vastly improve business relationships and networking opportunities.

If your company image needs a little boost, corporate clothing can be very effective – at a cost-effective price.  It is, however, crucial that you find a supplier, such as us at Fancy Inc, who only use high quality fabrics and attractive branding to produce your corporate lounge shirts and other branded items, in order to ensure longevity of the items. Speak to us today to find out more about our corporate clothing and other branded promotional items that we can provide.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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