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Face masks are a must-have for all South Africans to wear to help protect them from contracting the COVID-19 virus whenever they step out of the house. Fabric face masks and cloth face masks are additional preventative measures against the Corona virus and have been recommended to the public by the National Department of Health. COVID-19 mainly spreads through droplets when infected people cough or sneeze. Wearing a disposable face mask or fabric face mask serves as an added preventative measure to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Our cloth masks place a physical barrier between any germs in your immediate environment and your mouth and nose. They are reusable and you can wash them with soap and water after you’ve worn them for a day or two. It’s important to have two or more cloth masks, in order to have one available to wear while the other one is being washed or dried.

Why not get your fabric face masks branded to serve as a walking advertisement for your business? If your staff is part of an essential team and returning to work, it’s vital for them to wear face masks when they go to work and interact with others. You can get your fabric masks branded in order to fit your business brand or to go with their work wear.

You can also give away branded cloth masks or single-use face masks as a business to show your support in fighting the Coronavirus. It’s important to emphasize that single-use masks should not be worn more than once, since they lose their effectiveness after some time.

We also offer branded surgical masks, which should only be used by medical professionals and staff who assist them. This is a great opportunity for corporate companies to support medical staff who are fighting the virus and to sponsor surgical masks.

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