Caps Are Necessary in Sunny Climates

It is imperative to teach our children the dangers of skin cancer from a very early age, especially as we live in such a hot climate. Australians have been aware of the adverse effects of the sun’s harmful rays for a long time, but South Africans have only been conscious about the adverse effects of the harmful UV rays of the sun for the past twenty five years or so. As a result, caps have become part and parcel of many school uniforms, sports clubs, corporates and other institutions not only to add a little style and class to an outfit or uniform but to protect individuals from cancer or sun stroke.

At Fancyinc we have the perfect cap for every occasion, club, school uniform, corporate event and more.

Why we recommend you should choose caps from our complete and extensive range:

  • We offer peak caps in a multitude of colours; if there is a colour you need we will have it.
  • Embroidered caps for corporates, clubs, schools and other institutions are our speciality.
  • Children are encouraged to wear hats and caps from a very early age to protect them from the harmful effects of the hot sun.
  • Our caps are made from excellent materials, which mean they will last much longer than other caps made from inferior materials.
  • We are the leaders in corporate gifts and corporate wear which makes us an obvious choice when looking for peak cap designs.

More about our caps:

  • Choose caps with contrasting piping to add a little interest to an otherwise ordinary accessory.
  • Caps make brilliant give-aways at corporate events and fund raisers.
  • Reflective caps are great for individuals that enjoy walking as a form of exercise or sports clubs – it is important to be seen at all times for safety reasons. It is also imperative to wear light clothing for visibility.

Use some of these cool ideas for your caps:

  • Branding your reflective binding is a nice little touch for an ordinary cap.
  • For those supporting sports events and wanting to be patriotic, the SA flag on caps is something we can all wear with pride.
  • Small head or big head? No problem – the Velcro closure is perfect to adjust the cap to fit any head size.

Choose from our broad range of branded caps to complete a uniform but most importantly – to protect your head and face from the harmful rays of the South African sun. Contact us today to find out how cost-effective our caps are.

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