There is no doubt about it that printed balloons lift the spirit; they are a fun, cheerful and festiveaddition to any occasion whether it is for a business event or for a pleasurable occasion including birthday celebrations, wedding functions, engagements, anniversaries, a show day, mall birthday, golf day, team- building exercise, twenty-first birthday celebration, ninetieth birthday celebration or more; the list for decorating with balloons is endless.

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Balloons attached to bouquets or balloons delivered with a message to hospitals for get-well presents will make anyone’s day special, or balloons filled with helium that are let loose at your party or function venue seals the deal, taking your event to the next level.

It is imperative to decorate with the right colours, but finding balloon colours are often difficult to source should you specifically want the colours of your corporate; more often than not by the time you have arrived at the venue half of the balloons have already popped!

Our vast range of sturdy plain and printed balloons will leave you spoilt for choice - here you will undoubtedly be able to find just the right colour, and should you need your balloons to be printed, we will not disappoint.

Balloons will always draw the eye to add that element of surprise and fun. If you are stuck for ideas for your next event our wide range of balloons will add the finishing touch to your décor.

Tie a bunch of helium balloons in your colour scheme with a couple of ribbons to make an impact. Not only will this seal the deal but will also save money as decorations are notoriously costly at the best of times, otherwise let a thousand balloons loose after saying “I do”. Print the name of the bride and groom on the balloons for a little touch of nostalgia.

Balloons are everywhere but finding the right colours for that special event is where the secret of your “ballooning” success lies.



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