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Using Balloons as Decorations at Corporate Events – as well as Private Celebrations

It is common to see balloons adorning function venues for various occasions. These items are the ideal decoration for the budget-conscious who are looking to make a colourful and noticeable impact. The only limitations that come with balloons for decorative purposes, is just how creative you can be and how skilled you are at tying knots. If you want to ensure that your balloons do not pop too early on during your event, you will have to invest in quality items that are designed to last. Secondly, consider filling half of them with helium, so that they float and then attach others to them to provide an appealing look.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday party, surprise party or even corporate event, you will need to know how to effectively decorate with balloons, and below we have included a few steps and tips for you to consider:

• Keep your colour scheme in mind when choosing balloons. Yes, you might think that a very colourful approach is appeal, but it is best to choose 2 colours that tie in with your theme and existing colour scheme.
• Consider the size of the venue that you are decorating. If the venue is large and sparsely decorated, you will need to order a large number of balloons. If the venue is already cluttered, you do not want to use too many balloons, as it can make the room appear smaller.
• Decide if you want to use helium or air. The problem with air balloons is that you will need to attach them to the ceiling or other surfaces, as they will not float. Helium balloons will float straight up to the ceiling and can have other balloons attached to them to create a fuller or a more “floaty” effect.
• Get a little more creative by making shapes with your balloons. Options include balloon arches, flowers and streamers. These are fairly easy to make and you will find a variety of easy to follow tutorials online to guide you.
• Decorate your balloons. It is absolutely advisable to have them printed with your company logo and details if you are hosting a corporate event. Other great ideas for decorating your balloons are to fill them with things other than just helium and air. A few ideas include:
 Fill them with glow sticks – this is a great idea for a night time party.
 Fill them with water and freeze them – they will look great as decorations and can also be used to keep drinks cold.
 Put tea light LED lights inside them – they will look quite bulky, but will make great decorative lights.

If you are looking for top-quality and durable balloons to use as decorations for your corporate function, event or celebration, then what we have to offer at Fancy Inc is bound to impress. To learn more about our range of balloons and our branding options, get in touch with us via email or telephone and chat to one of our consultants today.