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Whether you’re planning on an overseas jaunt, a trip into our beautiful South African bush or need an awesome bag to carry your laptop and other goodies in around town, we’ll have a bag or set of luggage to meet your taste and requirements!

We’ve chosen our ranges of luggage and bags very carefully, ensuring that you’ll have the best in quality to carry around with you, no matter where you go.

Our luggage won’t cost you a fortune as we’ve made sure that you’ll pay great prices for great quality. After all, it’s not the price that determines the style and quality of anything, including bags and luggage.

The bonus above all bonuses is that our entire range of bags and luggage are for sale online, which means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office to plan your getaway luggage.

There’s another side to the coin when it comes to our bags and luggage, and that is that they’re also a great way for you to impress your important customers with a tastefully branded bag or suitcase, proudly displaying your logo.

Have you ever known anyone to say no to another bag or suitcase? Nope! We all love bags, whether it’s another laptop bag, a rucksack, a luggage set or even a picnic bag meant for the great outdoors.

The variety of designs, colours and styles might make it a little difficult for you to make a choice, but our team will be happy to guide you to the perfect bag and luggage to suit your needs.

So, what do we have on offer?


Laptop bags and backpacks

Our range isn’t restricted to the usual tough laptop bag you’ll need to get around safely, you’ll also find that we have anti-theft laptop backpacks, tech backpacks and trolley laptop bags.

Keeping all your tech goodies in one place is made easy with our safety tech backpacks, so that your tech stuff stays with you and not in the hands of a thief.  

Our backpacks come in every colour, shape and size, strong enough to carry everything around with you, comfortably and safely hugging your back!

Conference bags and packs

Along with our quality laptop backpacks, we also offer conference bags and packs in every colour possible, with conference extra’s such as conference folders, conference pouches and lanyards available too, in fact, we have everything you’d possibly need for a successful conference on hand. 

Add the right branding and you’re company name will go far beyond the conference!

Cooler bags, picnic bags and all things outdoors

30 can, 12 can, 8 can or 6 can, we’ve got every cooler bag under the sun for you! Treat your clients with lunch coolers, wine coolers and bottle coolers and you’ll make an unforgettable impression on them!

Of course, we haven’t left out the all-important braai goodies we love so much in South Africa, ensuring that we have braai set coolers, braai and cooler bags, picnic coolers and super picnic braai set just waiting for you to take your pick.

Choose your colours and branding and get ready for yumminess!

Double-decker bags for business trips

Well, these double-decker bags aren’t only meant to keep all your business items and other things you’ll need for a business trips totally organised, they also make life on the road so much easier when travelling from meeting to meeting regularly.

You’ll know where everything is without a hassle, which makes these double-decker bags a great promotional gift to pass on to clients as well.

Remember that any bag used by your clients is turned into the least expensive, in-your-eye form of advertising that’ll travel wherever your clients go!

Sports bags

Looking for a sports bag that’ll go the distance with you?  We’ve got it! If you’re in the sports and leisure industry, your clients will love you for adding to their stock of sports bags, just make sure you choose the right colours to suit the ladies and gents and you’ll have extra bonus points for your company.

In the gym, on the track field or sports field, few other types of bags gain as much traction for any brand as sports bags can, so speak to our team to make finding the right sports bag hassle-free.

Shoulder bags

We have a full range of shoulder bags that range from messenger shoulder bags, picnic shoulder bags, laptop shoulder bags and so much more to satisfy the needs of anyone happy to shrug their bags onto their shoulders for safekeeping.

Shoppers and totes

Expos, conferences and other events would not be the same without a few hundred shopper bags or totes jostling through the crowd! These are real crowd-pleasers that cost very little and go a very long way in terms of advertising your brand.

Shopper bags and totes are one of the best investments you’ll make in getting your name out and about at prices you won’t believe!  Let our team introduce you to the best for less so that we can help to get your name spread far and wide.

Travel bags and luggage

Our range of travel bags include trolley bags, tog and travel bags, easy toiletry travel bags and aluminium pilot bags, all of which come in very tasteful, understated colours for serious travel.

If you’re looking for a travel bag that isn’t in our range, let us know and we’ll bend over backwards to source it for you!

…and then there’s more!

There are just too many types of bags in our range to go into here, but take a tour through our website and you’ll find even more! School bags, toiletry bags, drawstring bags and even all the travel accessories you could possibly need all form part of our awesome bag and luggage range.

Please contact our team for help in getting yourself or your clients kitted out in the best there is, and enjoy the freedom that comes with buying these bags online, at great prices! 

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