The words outdoorsy, backpacks, camping, travelling and South Africa go together like peas and carrots. South Africans on the whole are pretty much an outdoorsy nation, therefore state-of-the-art backpacks are necessary to ensure that hikers and campers are property kitted out and well-prepared for their travels or adventures.

Naturally, there are those individuals that are not as sporty or outdoorsy but still make use of backpacks for a plethora of reasons and uses. These include backpacks for school, backpacks for shopping and work, or simply taking a backpack on a picnic for a day out with the family or to the beach.


Our backpacks offer a massive variety to suit every type of event, person or circumstance. We also supply printed backpacks for the perfect give-away at company events, training sessions, conferences or sports days.

Backpacks and South Africans are two of a kind – tiny tots use backpacks for nursery school where they can stash everything from a favourite toy, water bottle, lunch plus a spare set of clothes. School children use backpacks from grade 0 to grade twelve; suffice to say backpacks are an institution as far as kids and schools go; without these extremely useful accessories, we would not be able to carry our books and other essentials from one classroom to another, although many of these are often overloaded.

Our backpack range includes neon safety backpacks so that you can easily be seen in the dark while hiking, riding a bike or anywhere else you need to be visible to other bikers or motorists.

Backpacks on wheels make it easy for individuals and executive with heavy loads. The elderly enjoy using backpacks on wheels when they shop to avoid carrying weighty loads that could hurt their frail backs.

Whether for the tourist or voyager; the learner or company executive; we have the perfect backpack for every South Africa.

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